Transformers MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave and Condor Video Review and Gallery

Video Review Of The Takara MP-13 Masterpiece Soundwave w/Condor

Fantastic update of a 1982 design, using todays modern engineering.
Almost everything about Soundwave and condor (laserbeak) is fantastic, with very little ‘issues’ this figure is a must have in any collection!

 photo Untitled-1_zpsbecee75b.jpg

 photo Untitled-2-1_zpsd5771122.jpg

 photo Untitled-3_zps220ff999.jpg

 photo Untitled-4_zps2db25977.jpg

 photo Untitled-5_zps27cfde28.jpg

 photo Untitled-6_zps72a9ff20.jpg

 photo Untitled-7_zpse6d6bbf2.jpg

 photo Untitled-8_zpsa0fdcd2d.jpg

 photo Untitled-9_zpscdaf2e53.jpg

 photo Untitled-10_zpsecfb8910.jpg

 photo Untitled-11_zpsc99d8825.jpg

 photo Untitled-12_zps074c3c63.jpg

 photo Untitled-13_zps80b7855c.jpg

 photo Untitled-14_zps7114de5f.jpg

 photo Untitled-15_zps8068a911.jpg

 photo Untitled-16_zps8751f4cb.jpg

 photo Untitled-17_zpsaa0afa58.jpg

 photo Untitled-18_zps3e937ff9.jpg

 photo Untitled-19_zps63baf891.jpg

 photo Untitled-20_zps6e2d74ca.jpg

 photo Untitled-21_zpsb5f793e0.jpg


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