Hot Toys MMS178 Avengers Black Widow – Video Review and Gallery

Video Review of the Hot Toys Avengers Black Widow

What a beautiful piece, figuratively and literally 😉 I must say this Head sculpt from Hot Toys is Top three for me along with the 89 joker and the dx11 laughing sculpt (ones I own at the moment). It’s a perfect likeness of Scarlet in the Avengers. On top of that she is using the smaller female body opposed to the larger body that the iron man 2 version used. In much better scale now.

Articulation is great as it has double joints on knees and elbows, the waist is hindered by the suit but the ab(boob) crunch makes up for it. The only other hindrance is the ankles due to a moulded boot, not a huge issue as they are moulded in a natural a-stance. The Suit is very free moving, though I wouldn’t over stretch it (risk of tearing is possible) also I would suggest against leaving it bunched up too long as it may/will crease.

I highly recommend this figure and especially if you are collection the Avengers line she is a must. A very well done figure.

 photo Untitled-1_zps51c2f2f5.jpg

 photo Untitled-2-1_zpscfe7d7aa.jpg

 photo Untitled-3_zps80bb396a.jpg

 photo Untitled-4_zps960d3b90.jpg

 photo Untitled-5_zpsc029cbd8.jpg

 photo Untitled-7_zpsce36c824.jpg

 photo Untitled-8_zpscc80fcf1.jpg

 photo Untitled-9_zpsbd8eef91.jpg

 photo Untitled-10_zps0511e5ff.jpg

 photo Untitled-11_zpse67a77b1.jpg

 photo Untitled-12_zps8008143c.jpg


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