Asmus Toys: Lord of the Rings Gothmog – Video Review and Gallery

Review of Asmus Toys’ Gothmog Sixth scale figure form The Lord of the rings.

 photo asmusgothmog1_zpsa5d9f24b.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog2_zpsd0a0cf0c.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog3_zps31733b4f.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog4_zps5e3cc228.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog5_zpsee5d0000.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog6_zps53e6b108.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog7_zps5c4d2383.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog8_zpse877041c.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog9_zps65a250fe.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog10_zps708c61b7.jpg

 photo asmusgothmog11_zps3e0cfc62.jpg


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